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bell's hook

Love as a verb and not a noun

The action not the destination,

Filial or romantic,

not the grand gesture,

not in jest or fantasia,

instead the active moments -

picking up the phone when

it's not a good time.

Listening to fantastical ideas

And responding "it could happen."

Love as a context and not a pretext

so that decisions are made from

its actionable ingredients.

Not expected as a right or

demanded as a ransom.

As an element in the ether,

the reason for laughing

at the silliest joke.

Winking in the shyest moment.

Love as an option and not a dream.

Directing and starring in

whatever film you choose, provided

the cast are willing participants.

Choosing to act love, to move

in love, to select the better option

not for the purpose selfish

but to seek the better for the other.

To live love daily, without delay.

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