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See you (now in) September

Perhaps some day I’ll write vignettes about the time in London or more scenes from the Queen Mary 2. For now, today marks a beginning of my attempts to write more often. Even if more briefly.

I write this from a terrace overlooking the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. Ahead are lights from the Capitol Street bridge and the boats below me. Behind are a good but pricey Italian place where I once saw Pete Buttigeg (spelling? I am being lazy; nobody is reading this) and a new Korean place. It’s a peaceful night Very busy.

In the time since my last writing I have had significant changes at work and also was interviewed to adjunct in Writing at American University, put on a wait list, then called up to teach a couple of weeks before the semester began. We just finished the third week. I am actually, fully enjoying it. Tomorrow I grade their first significant writing assignment - and I’m looking forward to it? That hasn’t happened before.

My plan now is to post here various specific stories and scenes, as practice and in anticipation of writing the novel that has been quietly knocking at the door of my creativity, while my creativity has been hitting the snooze button in a darkened bedroom in the back with a sound machine on blast.

Every day is too often to commit; ever week is too infrequent for use. I leave you now to walk along the Anacostia, which looks beautiful in the dark but in which I saw floating discarded shoes, food containers, and even a condom when I was kayaking a few weeks ago. Still, I see today and tonight that I am living the situation I had envisioned a year ago. Completely. This is exactly it.

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